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Gruff's Healthy Ham and Lentil Bean Soup

  Nothing helps usher in Autumn's arrival like a hearty ham and lentil bean soup. Full-bodied flavor and delightful textures make this recipe a family favorite. After Jeff was recently diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, I figured it would be an end to favorite dishes. Then practicality set in. We can still do some of the recipes, stripping away the stuff with chemicals in favor of scratch cooking. The first tinkering was my old Ham and Lentil Bean Soup . Holy cow! My prior recipe is a cabaret girl. The new version is a nun. It still has a rich taste but I miss chomping on the ham bone. PLEASE NOTE: This is sort of a draft. The immersion blender died, plus I forgot to photograph my bowl before tucking in. The ingredients below are measure out for a single serving. Gruff's Experiment Tips Meats : I used Simple Truth "uncured" bacon. It's not actually uncured bacon. It is simply cured via a more-veg product. Long story; don't ask. I didn't due full res

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