Paprikosh Virginia Spot (or how I made Leiostomus xanthurus tasty)

I did not bring my camera with me today so I do not have a picture of a Virginia Spot while at Wholey's. I did travel around the web in search of one (finding a fantastic blog called Toast in the process.) The picture above is some generic thing I pulled off of the 'net. Virginia Spot (Leiostomus xanthurus) is a smallish fish with a sweet flavor. I am providing a basic recipe below. Consequentially, it is also my Papikash Catfish recipe. Hmm. Papikash Spot? That has an interesting sound to it.

Fillet your fish if your monger has not already done so for you. Pat dry.

Sprinkle each side of the fillet with kosher salt, white ground pepper, onion powder and Hungarian paprika.

Pan fry on medium-high heat, in extra virgin olive oil for a total of five minutes. I keep the pan covered.

Fish will flake when ready.

You can pair this with a nice green salad and white wine.